Dancing Swallows Wine Store

Dancing Swallows is one of the smallest wineries in Ontario. And that (believe us) has some downsides: everyone wears 4 hats; no bulk purchasing; a lot of temperamental (if classic) secondhand equipment, etc.
But there is one big upside: our batches are small, so we can take risks. Play around; try new (or very old) techniques; swing for the fences. Sometimes it goes ‘sideways’, but sometime it produces amazing, if unconventional, wines.
Hence: ‘A Little Something Different’. Because that’s what you’ll find at DSV – a very small winery making wines that may be different from what you’re used to.

A note on our approach to winemaking

We did a lot of experimenting before we started making commercial wine, and over the years we started intervening in the winemaking less and less.

As a result, we favour a 'minimal intervention' approach. For example, we do not filter our wines. Our winemaker decided he just likes the unfiltered batches more. As a result, our wine can have a bit of sediment, or even cloudiness.
Just a lot of flavour, the way we like.

Want to sample our wines?

The best way to sample our wines is to visit our outdoor tasting garden in Amherstburg, Ontario.
We'll get you seating in a private spot in the garden and put together a sample flight for you taste at your own pace.
Book your spot now!

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The 'Artist's Series'

Our "Artist's Series" Craft Wines are where we are really trying for ‘a little something different.’ 
We hope you find them interesting, and worth talking about.

Mary's Lane

Our "Mary's Lane" wines are inspired by a stroll down the farm lane, a picnic, and a glass of wine - what else do you need on a lazy summer's day?
Mary's Lane "Vin de Picnic" wines are perfect if that's your ideal day too!

DSV White Wines