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Questions about our wine

Are all your grapes grown onsite?

Most are grown in the vineyard that is just to the south of the tasting area. We have purchased some from Niagara due to extreme weather and other devastating events.

What kind of grapes do you grow?

The vineyard is anchored around Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Franc and Baco Noir. There are small blocks of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Muscat Ottonel.

Are your wines vegetarian (or vegan)?

Yes! Our wines are vegan-friendly as we don’t use animal products during winemaking.

What is an 'unfiltered' wine?

An unfiltered wine is a wine that hasn’t been passed through a filtering medium to capture particles that might be considered flaws in conventional wine.  Rather than filter, we use the older technique of ‘racking’ the wine to reduce the natural sediment in the wines. While it means our wines may not be as crystal clear as wines in the liquor store, we believe it gives our wines unique flavours.

Why are the wine names all math?

Short answer - we are geeks! Long answer - we have to use our combined six degrees in science, math, engineering and business for something!

Questions about the DSV experience

Do you serve lunch or dinner?

No, we don’t have a kitchen. We DO have an array of snacks - some vegetarian or vegan, some gluten-free, and most sourced from Canada!

Can I bring my children?

Yes! We have ‘Fledgling Flights’, kites, and garden games - just ask!

Can I bring my dogs?

Yes! We are dog-friendly for friendly dogs - we have water bowls and sometimes even dog treats!

I noticed you are only open weekends. Can I make a weekday appointment for a tasting?

Yes, with at least 48 hours notice.

Do you do parties / reunions / bridal showers / weddings?

We can- but it’s best if you call us to discuss! We have our Secret Garden that can handle up to 20 people. It’s also possible to rent out the entire site.

When is the best time to visit?

Time of the week? Time of day? Time of year? We’re scientists - you need to be specific 😀 and it depends on why you’re asking! The gardens are beautiful all year round, and the trees are amazing in the fall! We have firepits for cooler weather and trees and tents for shade. If you come with children on weekend afternoons, we have kites and snacks.

What’s a wine sensory garden?

In general, a sensory garden tries to engage all five senses (vision, smell, tasting, touch and hearing). Our wine sensory garden is filled with plants (and accessories ) that are designed to allow you to use all five senses in the exploration of different wine varieties.

The wine sensory garden has eight half barrels of plants - two for Cabernet, two for Baco Noir, two for Riesling and two for Chardonnay. We’ve chosen specific colours, tastes, scents and touch for each variety - and sound is from the wind through the trees 🌲 🌳 Come explore!

Are you open in the winter?

The tasting garden, pleasant as it is does not make a reliably enjoyable tasting experience from November to April.
We do have the "Egg Cave" open on Saturday afternoons in the winter for those looking for an intimate and unique tasting experience.

What is the "Egg Cave"?

The "Egg Cave" was originally built to store eggs from the hen house. Built circa 1885, it's a small room with very thick walls - ideal for wine storage & tasting for groups of 4 or less.

Questions about Orders and Shipping

Do you deliver?

Yes - in Windsor and Essex County! Delivery is free for orders over $70, while orders less than that have a small delivery fee.

Do you ship?

Yes, to most provinces excluding Quebec and… we ship through Canada Post.
Shipping cost depends on the total weight for the package, and you'll see a shipping cost calculated at the checkout stage.

Can you gift wrap?

Yes! Just let us know in the comments and we’ll use a special bag, and add tissue, ribbon and a card.

Can I order wines and pick them up at the winery?

Absolutely! Pickup is one of the options you'll see at the checkout page.
Please note, the system will still ask for an address -this is an embedded part of the store security.