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Looking for a Valentines Day gift?

"Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer's year—it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul." Francis Thompson

Yes, Valentine’s Day is for lovers but it’s one day and it’s in winter ❄️
Don’t you love your other half all year round? This year, celebrate your love in the warm sunshiny season. Bring them out to DSV for a ❤️Love in the Summer❤️ date in our tasting garden.

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The Farm

140 years of family ownership, 5 generations, 3 different soils, and
many types of farming.  The vineyard/winery is just the latest phase for
the Hutchins Farm.

About Us

The Tasting Garden

Our “Outdoor tasting garden” is a unique winery experience.   Only open from late spring until early fall, and located under our largest maple tree, it’s an amazing place to discover and enjoy our wines.

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Our Wines

At Dancing Swallows, we believe each harvest is unique, and let nature
lead and the wine follow.    With our "Artist Series" Craft wines we
strive to intervene as little is possible in the wine making process. 

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Our Events

What’s a winery without special events?  Find out where we've been and what's coming up for Dancing Swallows.


Meet our artists

Winemaking is an artistic endeavour. 
On our labels we like to profile artists who share our passion.

Our Artists

Come share ‘a little something different’

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