Flight Tasting - Weekend of October 22-24 (up to four people)

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Enjoy a personal tasting of 4 of our wines at your own reserved spot in our outdoor tasting area, guided by a member of our own vineyard family.

1 person $10
2 people: $20
3 people: $30
4 people: $40

Charges are for those tasting only: designated drivers and children are free (of course). But please select your order based on the number of people tasting, and add a note with your order telling us how many seats are required in total so we can set your space up correctly.  Thanks!

A note re weather: Our venue is completely outside, and our umbrellas and tents are good for sun shade or a light shower.  But if it’s really raining, we can’t provide a good tasting experience, so we will be shutting the tasting area down.  And if Environment Canada issues a Weather Warning, we have to close the tasting area and the retail store.  If you have a tasting booked and we have to shut down, we would be happy to book a new time, or refund your purchase if re-booking is inconvenient.